Dreams Bugs 🐜

With such a huge suite of creative tools, you may encounter occasional bugs in Dreams. It’s really helpful for us to hear about them! If you discover an issue in Dreams, please check to see if anyone else has reported the issue before and if someone has, comment on it with your experiences. If not, post a new bug report here!

Here’s some top tips to help us track down your bug as quickly as possible:

• Give us a brief, clear summary of the bug. If necessary let us know what you think should be happening that isn’t.
• Let us know the exact steps we need to follow to recreate your bug. For example -
“Load game > go to create mode > search for banana > stamp “super cool banana” > the banana didn’t load!"
• If possible it really helps if you can include a screenshot or video of the problem.
• Let us know the release version of the game – you can find this by having the Dreams icon highlighted on the Playstation homescreen, pressing “options” and then “information”. The bit we want is the Version number!

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