Early Access Backwards Compatibility Issues

This is for issues that you think have been caused by new code. Not for issues that were already occurring in early access

If you were not in early access it is very unlikely that the issue you are reporting is a Backwards compatibility issue.

Please also refer to https://docs.indreams.me/en/help/backwards-compatibility before reporting to see if your issue is already covered.

If your issue is covered but you are struggling to apply a fix do feel free to report and we will investigate your example.
It’s probably best to only report backwards compatibility issues with your own content.

Please clearly state the name of your dream (map) and the name of the dreamer that published it.

If occurring in a game or element and not a dream specify the name of the level.

Specify if the dream\game\element is currently published as Public or Private.

State how to reproduce the problem e.g:

  • Load level ‘MyDream’
  • Once in play progress through the level
  • Go around the tee, lovely old tree.
  • When you see the checkpoint activates
  • Die and note the character was not loaded at the checkpoint

We are not sure how many issues we are going to get . IF we get a lot it will take time to get through them all. Please be patient.

We will do our best to investigate your issues and respond with a content fix for your situation.
  1. Sassiness Hip Movement Not Animating

    Having some issues with puppets that originally had more hip movement along with the sassiness slider. Puppet is much more stiff and swaying more abruptly during procedural walks, and hip/lower torso no longer seems to "gyrate" properly.

    I posted a short comparison on Twitter tonight including my original post showing Stacey Grapes and the walk I had made for her a month or so ago within that thread.


    The Stacey Grapes puppet is Private but should be available to be seen by Mm staff for debugging(?) Username: TheOneironaut

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  2. Vehicle randomly glitches out for a single frame once in a while (possibly because of connector)

    This isn't game-breaking but it can be distracting. In my two racing games Thin Air and Turbulence, the vehicle is a black triangle connected to a moving sculpt using a connector. I used this solution because it allowed the shape to "realistically" respond to the moving hovercraft using physics.

    Now since the update there's a glitch where every once in a while (doesn't seem to have a direct cause because it doesn't always happen in the same spots) it seems like the black triangle stays in position for 1 frame while the camera moves forward, causing the shape to glitch…

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Early Access Backwards Compatibility Issues


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