Beta report! What we've learned so far...

First of all, thanks to everyone for all of your feedback, questions, bug reports and insightful chats! One of the main purposes of this Beta has been to gather feedback from you, our lovely community, so we can see where we need to make adjustments, deploy fixes or add some polish. You haven't let us down and it's been super interesting for us to read about your experiences - even if your feedback doesn't get a Molecule response rest assured we are trying to read, organise and prioritise everything that comes in. As we open up the beta further, we wanted to address some of those key points and let you know our plans.

So, onto those burning issues...


We know motion control can be tricky to get to grips with, especially when you're starting out. What has been really heartening for us is that many of you have shared your success stories after spending a bit of time in Dreams, even after initially struggling. Creating in Dreams is like any new skill - it takes some time to learn. That said, we've been blown away by the creations that have already been appearing in the Dreamiverse. You are a talented lot!

We have already been working on a completely motion-free control scheme for the DS4 and your feedback has reinforced that some players will need it. Our desire is to make Dreams as accessible as possible and we have already prototyped a completely motion-free control scheme for the DS4. We now need to move this prototype through the phases (finishing the design, and then moving into final implementation, testing, user testing, updating tutorials etc) and so it’s a little way off but rest assured it is on its way. We'll update the community when we have a clear release window for this feature.


We have a bunch more tutorials already in the works including Character Creation, Character Gameplay and some extra Move controller tutorials. We have plans for loads more too, and we really want to dig into logic a bit deeper. I know it's been tough for you all especially as the NDA has prevented you from sharing community tutorials or from chatting on channels other than the forum (which is obviously not ideal as it's mainly designed for feedback!). Tutorials do take quite a bit of time to make (Connie is such a diva) but rest assured there are many more planned for Dreams.

We are also still working on the tutorial player and will be implementing some of your suggestions- for example, the ability to skip forwards 10 seconds and a better progress indicator in the Dreams Workshop.


The Dreamiverse team has been working incredibly hard to make the experience of browsing, publishing, commenting and sharing Dreams better for everyone. This was one of the areas that we knew wasn't in its final form when we released the Beta and all of your feedback has been super helpful in refining the ways we're improving it already. Expect to see lots of thoughtful changes to the Dreamiverse when we release.

So, once again: thank you all. Hopefully this covers a lot of the big concerns some of you have, but please do continue giving us your feedback, questions and bugs - we appreciate all of it!

Happy Dreaming!
Alex Perry

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