Updating the forum for launch

Hello Forum Dreamers,

As part of moving from Early Access to the main launch we want to make sure things are as straightforward as possible for our new users to find help. As there are a lot of bugs and feedback issues that will either have already been addressed or no longer be relevant in Dreams we are going to clear the Early Access feedback from the forum to have a nice new slate. 

Don’t worry! All of the feedback that has been entered on the forum so far has been exported and archived on our side so nothing you have submitted will have been lost. We have a huge list of things we want to work on in future including a lot of things that have come up from the forum. If you are particularly worried about some feedback you submitted in Early Access that is still relevant in the full release slipping through the cracks please do feel free to submit it again after launch. 

QA have also been working tirelessly to make sure every single forum bug has been investigated and logged in our systems. We plan to leave the “How Do I” section as it is as there is so much good advice in there.

Thank you for your patience! We hope that by doing this it is easier for us to track new feedback and bugs that occur in full release, as well as easier for new users to submit relevant feedback.

See you at launch!

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