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    Hi Joep,

    Sorry to hear that it happened again, did you manage to grab the error that it gave? What did you alter in your scene before the error occurred? If possible could we get a copy of the creation that you are getting the error in, with possible steps to reproduce? (What you did to the lead up of the error)

    If it does occur again can you take a screenshot of the error, please?

    I would recommend periodically saving the creation to the server just to make sure nothing is lost.

    QA – Joy

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    Joep commented  · 

    it also just happened when I tried to use the save version-button. It happened before it lets you choose how you want to save the creation. The quick save I did prior to that worked so that's the file I'm working on.

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    Joep commented  · 

    @TAPgiles yes, all the pieces of logic reverted to their default name.

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    Joep commented  · 


    Unfortunately I can't recall exactly. I didn't pay it any mind. It was short and was something along the lines of "can't load". It hasn't happened since, but I remember after I quick saved, I uploaded a private version right after that. Might even be that the quick save wasn't done yet before I pushed the upload button. It popped up when I clicked the upload button/save version.

    Another strange thing that is unrelated, but even a bigger pain, is that I can't save any objects I made while working on the Ancient Temple Remix template. It says that the item cannot be saved as it is a private or non-remixable creation. I'm going to make a 2nd level for it since I won't have space to fit it all in one. Can I use an older save version of this first level and delete all the stuff I'm making now? Or will it conflict with the first (finished) level in that it wants to update said level and thereby deleting it basically? 

    Thanks for all the help!

    Kind regards,


    Joep shared this idea  · 

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