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    Hi Godslayer,

    We’ve looked at your stage (v.1.3.4) and we’ve seen that there are no keyframes or animations listed in ‘attack animation 3’.
    Are you still experiencing this issue or are we looking at the wrong version of this stage?

    Many thanks,

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    Ozzy commented  · 

    Ok I solved the issue for my character so maybe it’ll help you. The issue I had was just like you. The key frame was different in play mode and edit mode. Here’s the reason why that happened. When you have multiple timelines active or individual key frames activate, they will all try to balance itself out. For example, in edit mode my character swung his arm like intended but in play mode it was different. That’s because the idle animation that media molecule (MM) has in puppets was also activating when my character swung. The idle animation doesn’t turn on in edit mode so that’s why my timeline worked there and not in play mode. So to fix the problem I added a switch and connected it to the microchip called poses from MM and in my timeline I turned the switch off for each key frame. Also for safety measures I went to the character settings (L1+square) and turned off all three procedural animations located in the 5th tab at the bottom for each key frame. In summary, turn off every single animation or your key frames will merge with active ones such as the idle animation. Edit: typo

    Ozzy supported this idea  · 
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    Ozzy commented  · 

    I’ll share what I found so someone can explain why. So I had the same issue trying to move my character’s arm up and he only would lift it halfway. I tried several different things but only one worked. After placing the key frame I decided to not use L2 for moving the arm and instead lift it up using R2. I stop recording then tested it out. It worked. Idk why but that’s what I did. I haven’t tested out whether it’s possible to somehow use L2 and R2 or just L2 so you guys can figure it out lol

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